Organic Fresh Food

Purely Liv organic purees and meals are made fresh and delivered to your doorstep. Our foods have no preservatives, none GMO ingredients, and package in glass jars to provide the purest meals. Our mission is to help your family live healthy from the start.

Why Liv Healthy?

100% Natural

Liv Healthy purees and meals are made with ingredients from our local farms to create fresh and organic meals.

Organic Products

Liv Healthy uses 100% organic ingredients. Our jars are so full of nutrition that we leave no room for chemicals.

Best Quality

From our ingredients to our food grade glass jars we provide you with the best quality meals delivered to your doorstep.

Always Fresh

Always fresh and always on time! Our foods are delivered to your door on a weekly subscription to ensure you a fresh meal plan.

100% Fresh Ingredients


Farm fresh chicken and beef


Always fresh fruits and vegetables


Quality rice and pasta

Liv Healthy purees and meals provide well balanced meals for all ages starting at four months old. Our doctors and nutritionist design meals to the appropriate age and the nutrition needed at different milestones in life.

Customers say

Victoria Walsh

"Liv Healthy Meals were exactly what my husband and I were looking for! Meals that are just as fresh as if I made them myself, without the mess and hours of cooking."